It is widely recognised that the areas of Ardoyne and Shankill are amongst the most disadvantaged in Northern Ireland across a range of themes. Ardoyne and Shankill are ranked 7th and 1st respectively out of 582 electoral wards when it comes to Multiple Deprivation.

ASHP believe that they are best placed to dramatically change the lives of individuals in the Ardoyne and Shankill communities.Their partnership approach to community development has been one of the main ingredients for their success to date. It has also meant that ASHP are better placed to deliver health promotion services to local people than statutory agencies.

The Aim of the Ardoyne/Shankill Health Partnership is to ‘improve the health of the people of Ardoyne and Shankill by increasing the length of their lives’.

Ardoyne/Shankill Health Partnership (ASHP) provides many programmes, which are accessable by all of the people of the Ardoyne and Shankill communities, no matter what their age. After all health knows NO boundaries.

Take a look through our site and see some of the programmes and facilities that we have for you to make use of, we hope you agree they are all excellent programmes and hope that you will take part.

We hope you can join in some of our programmes or events… If your interested, just give us a shout!