In keeping with the development of organisational strategy development, ASHP have developed a number of long and short term objectives which will guide the development of any new programmes or initiatives.

The long term objectives to be achieved by 2011 are noted below;

  • Reduce dependency on inappropriate coping mechanisms (e.g. drugs, alcohol, etc.) by 30% in Ardoyne and 30% in Shankill.
  • Assist 500 people in Ardoyne and 500 people in Shankill to undertake a minimum of one additional moderate exercise activity per week.
  • Assist 250 people in Ardoyne and 250 in Shankill to participate in one additional productive/creative activity each week.
  • Referrals to support networks and/or counselling for 250 young people, parents and others who need support during a difficult time in their life.
  • Provide personal development activities (sexual health, confidence building, health awareness, personal development etc.) for 500 young people in Ardoyne and 500 young people  in Shankill.
  • Create better linkages between mainstream health provision and encourage and support people to gain prompt access to the most appropriate services when needed, by raising awareness of these.
  • Have improved the eating and drinking habits of 20% of people  in Ardoyne and 20% of people  in Shankill.
  • Have grown the partnership to enable it to best meet changing local needs and in particular to facilitate greater input by people from the Shankill area.
  • Have assisted the public sector to deliver initiatives and policies which seek to improve health and well being in the two areas.

To achieve this longer term objectives, ASHP will need to make number of strategic decisions that will lead to implementation and achievement of the following short term objectives;

  • To provide peer education and active citizenship opportunities for 60 young people.
  • To have 60 school children completing the drugs and alcohol programme, healthy eating and/or smoking cessation programmes.
  • To have involved 5,000 people awareness sessions.
  • To have achieved a positive (to be defined) response from schools in relation to work on healthy lifestyles.
  • To have provided access to complementary therapies for 250 people.
  • For 250 people in the Shankill and Ardoyne areas to have participated in the exercise referral programme.
  • For 120 people to have participated in the gym programme in Ardoyne.
  • For 60 people to have participated regularly in the walking group, aerobics, dancing.
  • 120 people to participate in Golden Thread activities
  • To have referred a minimum of 25 young people for youth counselling and have undertaken 25 follow-ups to ensure that they are receiving the support they need.
  • To have provided signposting/advocacy support to 500 people to enable them to get access to sources of help, treatment, etc. which can have a positive impact on their health.
  • For 50 people to have participated in the “Cook It” programme.
  • To have facilitated four of the North West Health and Social Services Trust’s weight management programmes for 15 people each, i.e., 60 people to have participated.
  • For 60 people to have participated in smoking cessation programme, with 15 remaining smoke free after one year.
  • Have established a new shadow board for the Ardoyne Shankill Healthy Living Centre.  This to incorporate representatives from the statutory sector and an equal number of representatives from the Ardoyne and Shankill communities.
  • Have considered a range of premises options to meet the needs of the core staff and the provision of programmes and to have prepared a plan for future premises.
  • Have identified any health initiatives that are being piloted or run by key statutory bodies and have attracted as many of these as possible to be delivered at a local level.
  • Have trained 40 people with the skills necessary to deliver complementary therapies/peer education.