The Vision for the Ardoyne Shankill Health Partnership has been agreed as:

“Bring partners together to deliver projects to achieve a measurable and significant improvement in the health of people in Ardoyne and Shankill, reducing the health gap between the area and the rest of Northern Ireland”

The organisations steering committee were also responsible for drafting up the following core aims;

  • Raise awareness of the factors that affect health and well-being and assist people to better understand these and respond positively to them.
  • Work closely with the local community and others to address a wide range of factors which contribute to poor health.
  • Monitor and evaluate all A.S.H.P. activities with a view to ensuring that all work undertaken produces positive and measurable health benefits.
  • Raise awareness of the role and benefits of the H.L.C. and seek to become an indispensable part the health continuum.